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At Finance Interims Nbs AS, we specialize in delivering expert business and marketing consulting services. With a profound understanding of the dynamic business landscape, we offer comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to achieve sustainable growth and stay ahead of the competition.

Our team of seasoned consultants brings a wealth of experience across diverse industries. We provide strategic insights and actionable recommendations tailored to your specific business objectives. Whether you are a startup seeking market entry strategies or an established enterprise aiming for enhanced market positioning, we have the expertise to guide you.

Our Values

Our company is built upon the foundation of our exceptional team, with each member showcasing a profound passion for their respective roles. We make it a priority to ensure that every individual who joins our team possesses this deep dedication to their craft.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results extends to all areas of our business. We are fully devoted to achieving the best possible outcomes for our partners, encompassing every aspect of our collaboration. The passion we bring to our work is reflected in the clients we choose to work with. We believe that shared enthusiasm is essential for a successful project, considering ourselves partners rather than mere service providers. We approach each project with an understanding that both sides should be passionate and fully invested in achieving remarkable results.

This level of care and attention is applied to even the smallest details at every stage of the process. Through a meticulous focus on refinement and continuous improvement, we strive for perfection in our work.

By nurturing a culture of passion, dedication, and mutually beneficial partnerships, we ensure an exceptional experience for our clients, one that is rooted in our genuine commitment to their success.

We have established a practice of recruiting exceptional individuals who demonstrate expertise in their respective fields, and we grant them autonomy and independence to excel.

At the heart of this approach lies our unwavering trust in our team members and our partners. By fostering an environment of freedom, we recognize the limitless potential for growth and accomplishments. We continuously encourage the ongoing improvement and development of our team's skills, firmly believing that there are no boundaries to what they can achieve.

We fully acknowledge that our success is dependent upon the energy, expertise, and creativity of our team. As a result, we have cultivated a culture built on trust, enabling our employees to unleash their full potential and produce outstanding work.

We prioritize a culture of equality within our organization, embracing the core principles of radical truth and radical transparency.

In every project we undertake, we foster an environment where ideas can originate from any member of our team. We believe in the power of collaboration and respect, valuing input from all areas of the business. By honoring ideas and insights regardless of their source, we create an inclusive atmosphere that encourages diverse perspectives and stimulates innovation.

Mutual respect is a fundamental aspect of how we interact with one another and our clients. We approach all interactions with a deep sense of regard, reflecting in the culture we cultivate within the organizations we partner with.

Our commitment to honesty is deeply intertwined with our values, driving us to always act in alignment with what is right, even in the smallest of matters.

Recognizing that making mistakes is a natural part of growth, we embrace a culture of reflection and learning. We believe in being transparent, open, and forthright, enabling us to confront any situation directly. By upholding integrity and probity within our team and with our partners, we navigate obstacles with clarity and face challenges with a realistic perspective.

We understand that by having frank and honest conversations, we can address any issues head-on and foster meaningful resolutions. Through this approach, we continuously strive for improvement and maintain a foundation of trust with our team and partners.

An essential aspect of our business revolves around fostering a culture of radical open-mindedness and embracing creativity as its core tenet.

To break through limitations and explore new possibilities, we actively seek out individuals with imaginative mindsets who can think beyond conventional boundaries. We firmly believe that by challenging the notion of what is possible, we can unlock innovative solutions to even the most seemingly insurmountable problems. Our team takes pride in harnessing the power of imagination to craft creative strategies, whether it's tackling seemingly impossible challenges or launching groundbreaking marketing campaigns.

Our enterprise is in a perpetual state of evolution, adapting to the swiftly shifting landscape of technology. Our commitment is to ensure that our clients remain at the vanguard of digital advancements, achieved through the fusion of innovative tactics across pivotal platforms.

We infuse our ever-progressing expertise into our systems, techniques, and procedures, aiming to position you at the cutting edge of innovation.

Our Services

Our multi channel synergy approach uses various platforms and systems that work in harmony in order to produce ROI that is unheard of. We are continually breaking records on quarterly earnings for our clients by combining innovative technologies, world class talent and out of the box thinking.

  • - Marketing Strategy
  • - Business Consulting
  • - Marketing consulting 
  • - Audit & Proposal
  • - Data-driven analysis
  • - Proven cro techniques
  • - Google Adwords
  • - Social Media Marketing
  • - Lead Generation
  • - Email Marketing
  • - Remarketing
  • - Content Marketing


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Why Choose Us:

Customized Solutions:

We understand that every business is unique. Our solutions are tailored to your specific goals and challenges.

Innovative Approach:

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, we are committed to bringing innovative strategies that keep you ahead of the curve.

Collaborative Partnership:

We view our clients as partners. We work closely with you to understand your vision and objectives, ensuring a collaborative approach to achieving success.

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